Gintra FA coaches

Darius Jankauskas
Born and raised in Šiauliai;
UEFA C license. Currently seeking a UEFA B license;
He played in Šiauliai football academies of various ages. Represented several clubs abroad. He has become the A league vice-champion with Pakruojis “Kruoja” club;
Co-founder and coach of Football Pro individual training;
In his spare time he enjoys playing table tennis and traveling by bicycle;
During training, Darius believes that a positive environment, desire and discipline are the key to a child’s faster development and achievement of goals;
Contacts: tel. +370 631 63867; email:

Ernestas Pilypas
Born and raised in Šiauliai;
Currently seeking a UEFA B license;
He has been interested in football since the age of 9 and has competed in the teams of Šiauliai Football Academy of all ages. With Pakruojis “Kruoja” club he won the title of A league vice-champions. Played in Germany and Poland;
Co-founder and coach of Football Pro Individual Training, who has been training individually for three years;
Loves active leisure, cycling, playing tennis;
Ernest has no doubt: “purposeful work, great desire, dedication and qualified coaches – will help unleash your ambitions!”;
Contacts: tel. +370 630 58109; email:

Aušrinė Bikutė

Born and raised in Utena;
Arrived in Šiauliai in 2021. Represents the Lithuanian champion Šiauliai “Gintra” team.
She became interested in football at the age of 12. She studied the secrets of football at the Utena Football Academy in Utena.
Represented Lithuanian girls national football teams of all ages;
Enjoys active, sporty leisure time, but always finds time for a good book.
Contacts: tel. +370 608 91931; email:

Ramūnas Daubaris

From city of Mažeikiai;
UEFA B license;
Coach of Mažeikiai women’s football club “Triumfas”;
First coach of the best young Lithuanian football player Rimante Jonušaite (currently represented AC Milan, Italy);
Has experience in organizing sporting events for little ones;
Likes active leisure – running (marathons, ultramarathons), plays beach volleyball, is interested in triathlon;
During training, Ramūnas aims to provide children with a safe, playful and creative environment, to convey the beauty of football and to provide good emotions.

Contacts: tel. +370 625 75902; email: