American E. Goodson joined a team

As the UEFA Women’s Champions League qualifying tournament approaches, “Gintra” team is strengthening the line of defenders – fullback Emily Goodson from the USA has been added to the team. The 23-year-old, 170 cm tall, athletic soccer player who recently graduated will start her professional career in the ranks of the Lithuanian champions.

A graduate of Colorado State University, Goodson started playing soccer at a very early age, at just 3 years old. According to the footballer, this was due to the sporty family in which she grew up.

“When I was very little, I used to travel to stadiums with my parents to watch my older sister play. That’s where it all started. While playing next to the field, I already dreamed of when I would be able to step there. My parents laugh when they tell me that when I was taking my first steps, I was kicking a soccer ball at the same time. Perhaps my love for football was born because I started playing sports very early. Meanwhile, my mother played professional volleyball. I grew up in a family of four sessions, we are happy that we have each other and we are all very sporty”, said the newcomer who joined the team and already managed to make her debut in the control match.

“Although it’s only a control match, I’m still glad that I didn’t have to wait long for the debut, because it causes additional nervousness, a kind of tension. Now I have already thrown this burden off my shoulders and I can confidently face further challenges, which will be much bigger”, – the interviewer spoke about the upcoming selection of the UEFA Champions League.

E. Goodson has dreamed of playing in one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world since childhood, and this opportunity should soon come true.

“I am very happy to have received the invitation to join the Gintra team. This is a titled club that has been competing in the strongest tournaments for many years, and is valued for its achievements not only in the local championship, but also in international arenas. I know a lot of great, talented players who are still waiting for their chance to play in the UEFA Champions League, so this will be a unique opportunity for me and I appreciate it very much. I hope to prove with my game that I can be useful to the team”, the defender did not hide her determination.

As one of the outstanding features of her game, Emily named the fact that she can compete equally well with both feet.

“If you once ask me which leg is my strongest, I will answer that it is both. If asked again – I will answer the same (smiles). Let it remain a surprise, and it will be more difficult for the competitors to predict what to expect from me”, the American did not reveal the veil of secrecy.

E. Goodson has already played two control matches in the ranks of the team against Konin’s “KKPK Medyk” team and played from the first to the last minute in both.

The soccer player will make her debut in the official match on August 8, where the team will meet Saku “Sporting” in the Baltic League in Estonia. On August 10, our opponents in Tallinn will be local FC “Flora”.