Fighters FC Gintra played draw with AC Milan

Šiauliai “Gintra” team proved that they are not really afraid of famous club names. In the friendly match held in Šiauliai, the Lithuanian champions were widely supported by their fans in a draw 1:1 (0: 0) against the AC Milan players.


FC Gintra: T. Carter (75 ′ min.) – 1.

AC Milan: M. C. Longo (85 ′ min.) – 1.

Starting squad: G.Lukjančukė, A.Mikutaitė, T.Corneil, A. Keene, N. Nikolič, S. Veličkaitė, K.Miksone, D.Gailevičiūtė (C), M.Gibson, J.Ayers, R.Jonušaitė.

After substitutes: V. Neverdauskaitė, A. Ročane, P.Sarkanaitė, G. Toropovaitė, T. Carter.

After the match, the best players of both teams were awarded. Miriam Chiara Longo, the author of the goal, was the best recognized among the guests from Milan.

Greta Lukjančukė, who played the first official match after returning to the team, withdrew this award in the ranks of Gintra.