Partnership agreement signed with Canadian football club FC Manic

The strongest Lithuanian women’s football club Šiauliai “Gintra” expands and strengthens partnership relations not only in Europe, but also beyond the Atlantic.

A regular participant of the UEFA Women’s Champions League from Lithuania has established close cooperation with the Canadian club from Montreal – FC “Manic”.

After both sides found useful points of contact, it was decided to sign a three-year partnership agreement.

It includes girls ‘training camps in Canada and Lithuania, training systems exchange program, coaches internships, exchange of practice in club marketing, educational programs, sharing of good practice, as well as opportunities for the most promising reviews of FC Manic Academy girls in the Gintra team.

FC Manic Professional Academy is a fast-growing organization and is already on the path to leadership on the Canadian football map. In its structure, boys and girls of various age groups improve their skills, educational programs are introduced, the aim is to ensure the most favorable conditions for sports, to introduce the practice of training processes in various countries, to promote massiveness, but also to strive for high mastery.

Based in Montreal, the club is active in various parts of the world, collaborating with organizations such as the legendary Scottish club Glasgow Rangers.

“Our national team is very capable, but without investing in the education of young girls, we can quickly lose this status. This partnership will help us to strengthen ties with a successful organization and create opportunities to motivate young girls to achieve goals in women’s football, ”- said Gary Gaul, President of FC Manic Academy, congratulating the new partners in Lithuania.

“Building such relationships with strong international organizations with the necessary experience is very important to us as a club striving for continuous improvement. The opportunity for coaches to go on internships in Canada, deepen their knowledge using different methodologies, share them, create a new field of perspectives, open a window to new challenges. The girls football camps, which will be organized both in Canada and Lithuania, will ensure the involvement of not only coaches, but also players and staff in the cooperation process, ”- said Mantas Radavičius, the club’s director, who signed the contract.

Tristan Corneil, one of the Canadian football players, is wearing Gintra clothing for the second season. Recently, the defender has been monitored by Canadian women’s national team coaches and scouts and may be added to an expanded list of candidates.