Gibson come back home with a new hopes

“Let’s try again” – with such a credo, the American Madison Gibson, who suffered a severe left leg knee cross injury last summer, returned to the Lithuanian champions.

Celebrating its 24th birthday this month, the left-footed player a contract with Šiauliai “Gintra” extended already in August. It was known that player will have a long period of rehabilitation after the operation, and before the 2021 season, she will return to the yellow-black lineup.

M. Gibson joined the team for the first time in March 2020 and soon established himself and became one of the team leaders. However, an injury in mid-summer halted her season and delayed her goal of making a UEFA Champions League debut for at least a year.

The footballer, who has returned to the city of the Sun, shines with positivity and believes that this season the team’s march in Europe will last longer, and other circumstances will not prevent her from fulfilling one of her dreams – to play in the Champions League.