Latvia national team star signs with Gintra

Karlina Miksone, one of the most promising Latvian football players, will wear Šiauliai “Gintra” jersey next season. It is another great victory of the Lithuanian champions this season.

This will be the second Latvian footballer to defend the team’s honor – the defender of the Latvian national team Anastasija Ročane also has a valid contract with Gintra.

It is expected that the tall 182 cm tall center midfielder player will soon become one of the cornerstones of the team’s generals on the pitch and help achieve the highest goals.

“Negotiations were quite difficult because we had to compete with clubs like Zenit in St. Petersburg, other teams from countries like Switzerland or Denmark. Naturally, they really have something to offer. However, we did not give up, we had our own arguments, and Karlina is a smart player and perfectly understands what is most important to her at the moment. We sincerely welcome the choice of this footballer to join our team. We know a lot about Karlina, we saw her playing in Latvian teams, the national team, we watched how fast she is improving, what progress she has made and what skills she stands out on the field. It can be said that the third time did not lie, because we talked about this one of the most talented players in the Baltics to come to our team and the last two years. Although she is only 20 years old, but she is player at the moment, not for the future. We can confidently say that next season we hope that Karlina will play a very important role in the team”, – said Gintaras Radavičius, the president of the club.

This young footballer has long earned the trust of the head coach of the Latvian national team. Wearing a national women’s t-shirt since 2017, she has already managed to play 33 official matches, most of which she started in the starting eleven and scored 8 goals. The newcomer of “Gintra” has already punished the Lithuanian national team with precise blows.

The exceptional talent of her by football coach was noticed at the very beginning of her career, when she represented the Liepajas Metalurgs team in her hometown of Liepaja.

Demonstrating a solid game, K. Miksone soon took the career ladder. After growing the T-shirt of the local Liepaja team, she moved to the Dinamo club in Riga, where she played together with the former long-time “Gintra” member Ana Alekperova. Last year, the girl raised her wings abroad and began a legionary career in a high-profile Icelandic women’s football championship, where she crossed hands with a local IBV club.

K.Miksone playing moments: