Extended contract with J.Čubrilo

Šiauliai “Gintra-Universitetas” club started the formation for the next year.

The colors of the club will continue to be defended by Jelena Čubrilo, who will be celebrating her 27th birthday in January.

Serbian has returned to “Gintra-Universitetas” before the beginning of last season, after a break of a little more than a year.

In August 2018, after the successful qualifying round of the UEFA Women’s Champions League, the footballer, who left Lithuania, turned over a new sheet of her career at the Rayo Vallecano club in Madrid, and later moved to another Spanish club, CF Alhama. After receiving a proposal to return to Šiauliai, J. Čubrilo did not hesitate to accept the invitation.

This time, an agreement was reached with a member of the Serbian national team to extend the contract as soon as the cover of this season comes down.

J. Čubrilo hopes to return the team to the UEFA Champions League elite