First stage of UEFA Champions league QR – in Šiauliai, against “Slovan Bratislava”

Šiauliai “Gintra-Universitetas” found out the rivals in the first selection stage of the UEFA Women’s Champions League for the 2020-2021 season.

One of the fastest drawing ceremonies in the history of the UEFA Champions League resulted in the Lithuanian champions meeting with the Slovak champion “Slovan Bratislava”, and the match will take place in Šiauliai on November 3 or 4. A more precise date and time will be announced shortly.

The Slovakian club is experienced in UEFA Champions League. Slovan has been participating in the prestigious tournament since 2010 without long breaks. However, Slovak team has not been qualified in main stage.

In the last five years, Slovan has not played in the UEFA Champions League only once – in the 2017 season, and this year in the Amber-University qualifying tournament, which took place in Georgia, competed with the then other Slovak champion Bardejov “Partizan” and beat the latter 4: 0.

After this season’s break, Slovan returned to the UEFA Champions League, and this time the spells brought Šiauliai together with the multiple Slovak champions.

The head coach of the “Gintra-Universitetas” club Rimantas Viktoravičius was not in a hurry to evaluate the oponents after the drawing ceremony, but he was happy that the match will be played at home.

“We are not specifically dealing with this club, and no preliminary assessments will still reflect the real situation. In general, Slovak football is at a high level, and Slovan has been playing in the UEFA Champions League for many years. In the Slovak Championship, we will have time to analyze the videos of the opponents’ matches, then maybe we can say more about their game, but I believe that it is a defeatable club and we have to think about ourselves first and not the competitors. “This year, due to the difficult situation, the winner of the pair decides on one match in general, so we have to be prepared for different match scenarios in order to stay focused on the main goal – victory”, – said R.Viktoravičius.