“Gintra-Universitetas” signs former “Youths” midfielder M.Davidson (VIDEO)

Šiauliai “Gintra-Universitetas” team officially announces another newcomer – 25-year-old McKenna Davidson.

The Lithuanian champs has already begun preparations for the upcoming 2020 season. M.Davidson has become a second newcomer in Šiauliai, after Jelena Čubrilo came earlier.

Hawaiian-born football player, many “Gintra-Universitetas” players and staff remember with a not a best memories. In particular, M.Davidson became one of the main Lithuanian team killers in last seasons UEFA Women’s Champions league qualifying round.

The match, in which Rimantas Viktoravičius team were first get advantage after Isadora’s Freita’s goal, was followed by two accurate kicks by the Irish champions. One of them, the equalizing in 37th minute of the match, was sent to “Gintra Universitetas” by newcomer M.Davidson.

Although, american player made a decisive assist to Lauren Kelly which headed – 2:1. 

However, this victory did not guarantee for “Youths” club a ticket to the UEFA Champions League main stade, so M.Davidson’s trip in Champions league ended in a qualifying tournament same as “Gintra-Universitetas”.

Recalling this match, the newcomer just smiles and admits that it was one of the most memorable matches in her carrer.

M.Davidson has already made his debut in the new team in the International “Turbine Hallencup 2020” tournament in Potsdam and scored a goal.

“I am used to the hot sunlight and the temperature, which allows me to relax without being overwhelmed with the thought of the outfit, but I come here with football goals, so I don’t have too much headache. By the way, I have already been in Lithuania, in summer it will be different weather conditions”, – smiled the American.

M.Davidson playing episodes: