“Gintra-Universitetas” in Baltic league finished with silver medals

Tough fight on the court was not able to defend the title of winners of the Baltic Women’s League football championship 

Lithuanian champions 1:2 (1:0) lost against “ZFK Minsk” team that had debuted this year and won the trophy in their first year.

Two Tallinn clubs met in Radviliskis for the 3rd place, and an additional 30 minutes were needed in the match, as the main time ended with a 2:2 draw. After the extension, they managed to prove their advantage to Tallinn’s “Flora” team earning the third goal and winning the match 3:2. It’s Flora football players on Friday Gintra-Universitetas beat 3:0 in the semi-final.

Isadora Freitas was recognized as the best player of “Gintra-Universitetas” team, while Anastasia Shuppo in the “ZFK Minsk” team.


“Gintra-Universitetas”: I.Freitas (38 min,) – 1.

ZFK Minsk: Y.Duben (55 min.) -1, L.Shmatko (74 min.) – 1

Squad: G. Kaselytė, V. Neverdauskaite, S.Karasiovaitė, A.Mikutaitė, L.Hudchanka, L.Žižytė (60 ‘min. L.Rogačiova), D.Gailevičiūtė, M.Crosson, S. Veličkaitė, I.Freitas, N.Baham.