“Gintra-Universitetas” will play in the Chamapions league main stage for the second time in a row! (goals video)

The Lithuanian women’s soccer champions Šiauliai “Gintra-Universitetas” crossed UEFA Women’s Champions League qualifying tournament bar for second year in a row. That’s what we had a chance to do last year when they won the selection tournament in Georgia, and ended their appearance only in the quarter-final where they had to die arms with the mighty Barcelona.

In the deciding qualifying round match “Gintra” 9:0 (4:0) defeated Bulgarian champion Sofia’s FC NSA and took 7 points in the 9 th group. Lithuanians take first place in the group and go straight on women’s Champions league main stage.

Espoo FC Honka team, which in the last group game 7:0 beat the Faroe Islands’s EBS/Skala club and also took 7 points in the group, get into the next round by exellent points ant scored goals relation.

“Gintra-Universitetas” scored 17 goals in the 9th selection group and this has become not only a historical result for the Siauliai team, but also the best achievement from all the selection teams of this year.


“Gintra-Universitetas”: J.Čubrilo (22′, 68′ min.), I.Freitas (39′, 73′ min.) – 2, S.Veličkaitė (13′ min.), D.Gailevičiūtė (55′ min.), C.Tabur (80′ min.), L.Hudchanka (87′ min), I.Naydenova (14′ min. own goal) – 1.


“Gintra-Universitetas”: G.Kaselytė, V.Neverdauskaite, A.Filenko (71′ min A.Mikutaitė), L.Hudchanka, D.Gailevičiūtė, S.Veličkaitė (77′ min M.Čubrilo), A.Alekperova, L.W.Smeda, N.Baham (60′ min C.Tabur), J.Cubrilo, I.Freitas.

The UEFA Women’s Champions League sixteenth final will take place on September 12-13 and September 26-27. The Lithuanian champions’ rivals will be revealed this Friday, on August 17, after the draws of this stage at Nion.