Before UEFA Women’s Champions league “Round of 32” Lithuanian champs add Chile national team striker

Monday afternoon, the team of Siauliai “Gintra-Universitetas” has been welcome a newcomer for UEFA Women’s Champions League “Round of 32” against “Zurich Fraeun”.

Lithuanian Champions has been added by the experienced 29-year-old striker of the Chile national team, Maria Jose Rojas Pino, who say for all teammates that they can call her just “Cote”.

155 cm player since 2010 wears Chile’s national team’s jersey and last season she was end in Australia, where she become top scorer of whole league with 34 goals.

During her career, M.J. Rojo Pino has also played in Germany, United States (USA), and soon there will be another new experience for the footballer – UEFA Women’s Champions League.

She has been waiting for this chance for several years, but depends one some circumstances have prevented from debut in the elite women’s football tournament in the Europe. It is interesting that M.J. Rojas Pino will be the first member of the Chilean team to debut in UEFA Women’s Champions League and she will do it with “Gintra-University” jersey.

– As soon as you got out of the plane, you was met with a cold, rainy weather. You were unpleasantly surprised, did you know before that it is worth taking warm clothes?

– I knew that there really would be not hot, but I would not expect such weather conditions. I talked with a club management before coming here, they warned that the coldest season is coming in Lithuania, but I was concentrating on other things in my thoughts. Now it’s clear that warmer clothes will have to be searched in your supermarkets (smiling).

– You are experienced player, have been representing the national Chilean women’s national team for several years, tested yourself in various continents – Europe, the United States, and Australia. Who was the main matter to come to play in Siauliai?

– Of course, the main reason for arriving here was the fact that “Gintra-University” competed in the UEFA Women’s Champions League and has ambitious goals to move on. The season in Australia is over, I could just relax and wait for new long-term offers, but I became very pleased with the interest of “Gintra-Universitetas”, because it is a great opportunity to become part of the team that compete in the UEFA Champions League. I am excited to be here and to debut in this tournament because I’ve just dreamed about it. Thank you to the team that has given me this opportunity and I hope to be useful. I can promise that I will do everything I can to achieve a positive result together.

– You will become the first member of the Chile national team that will debut in the elite European tournament. What does this mean for you?

– The feeling is simply unbelievable. The Chilean coach is very happy with me, just like teammates who have encouraged me not to abandon this offer, because such opportunities do not occur every day. I hope that I will appear as best as possible and help the team to cross the sixteenth finals barrier, because this is the most important.

– What are your main strongest sides in the court?

– Speed, coordination, ball control and the ability to appear in the right place at the right time and to score goals. Criteria of striker is simple – if you score, then you are doing your job like you used to do. It is thi rule which I follow (laughs).

We remind you that on October 4th, 18th Šiauliai “Gintra-Universitetas” will play the first leg match in UEFA Women’s Champions League “Round of 32” against “Zurich Fraeun”.