“Gintra-Universitetas” in UEFA Champions league will face “FC Zurich Frauen”

On September 1, in Nion, Switzerland was taken draws of UEFA Women’s Champions league Round of 32. Šiauliai “Gintra-Universitetas” will meet against Swiss champions “FC Zurich Frauen”.

Zurich club, like Gintra-Universitetas, went through the main stage of UEFA Women’s Champions League tournament by qualifying round, but did not do that easily.

In their selection tournament, they won two victories and played a draw once, but due to the poorer goals-scored goals, the team remained the second behind the Minsk team. Still, with favorable circumstances, “Zurich Frauen” had seven points won in order to make the main tournament as the runner-up (best second team).

The Swiss club, with a good score, got into the positions of the first sixteen teams, and rivals were waiting for a “shelf” with lower rating coefficients.

Zurich Frauen team has been collecting points in recent years to showcase excellent results. Switzerland has overcome Round of 16 in 2014, 2015, 2017 and has been among the 16 most powerful European women’s soccer clubs.

We would like to remind you that the first game between the teams will be played on October 4th or 5th which will be held in Siauliai,  while the reciprocal meeting will take place on October 11 or 12 in Switzerland.

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