“Gintra-University” is by one step away to UEFA Women’s Champions league elite

The second victory in the UEFA Women’s Champions League tournament in selection Group 1 reached and a step away from the main event is Siauliai “Gintra-University” team. The Lithuanian champions in Mikheil Meshki Tbilisi stadium 6:0 (2:0) beat the tournament host of Kutaisi FC Martve.

We remind you that in the first match team won 4:0 against the Slovak champion Bardejov Partizan eleven.

In the other group game, Izmir’s Konak Belediyespor team defeated Bardejov’s “Partizan” footballers 5:1, also won the second victory.


“Gintra-University”: L. Vaitukaitytė (56 ‘; 79’ min.) – 2,  A. Alekperovas (5 ‘min.) – 1, J. Čubrilo (28′ min.) – 1, Z. Coleman (64′ min.) – 1, S.Veličkaitė (89’ min.) – 1.

Squad: Greta Kaselytė, Vestina Neverdauskaitė, Toriana Patterson, Liuba Gudčenko (84 ‘min. Paulina Sarkanaitė) Algimantė Mikutaitė, Dovilė Gailevičiūtė (72’ min. Lolita Žižytė), Ana Alekperova (63 ‘min. Anika Kyžaitė), Simona Veličkaitė, Jelena Cubrilo, Liucija Vaitukaitytė, Zenatha Coleman.

In this match, the first goal was not long to wait. Already on the 5th minute, Ana Alekperova, who has already scored the second goal of the tournament, was hit by a fine penalty of about 18 meters. Georgians did not change the tactics and the defenders were focusing their defense on the penalty area. “Gintra-University” created one after another dangerous moments at the gate rivals, but the shot went Zenathos Coleman glanced harmlessly off the crossbar, Liuba Gudčenko over the bar, while a strong Dovilės Gaileviciute blow rocked goals structure. The second goal was able to open up 28 match minute, where technically scored Jelena Čubrilo and doubled the score – 2 to 0.

As soon as the second half started, the Lithuanian champions continued to press the Georgians and this soon proved to be true. After the excellent transfer of Z. Coleman, Liucija Vaitukaitytė won the first selection for the tournament. After a few moments, another great opportunity to earn his second goal in this game has J. Čubrilo. The serbian earned a penalty, but missed it by herself. However, after a few minutes, the fourth goal was down, with the home-star Z. Coleman – 4: 0. The hosts nightmare was not over, 79 th match jewelery with an accurate shot over goalkeeper scored L. Vaitukaitytė – 5:0. The last point against the Georgian team did Simona Veličkaitė and the referee captured a Lithuanian victory – 6:0.

Gintra-Universitetas will play on the last day of the selection tournament on Monday, August 28th at 6 p.m. Lithuanian time. The Šiauliai rivals will be Izmir’s Konak Belediyespor team from Turkey.

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