“Gintra-Universitetas” has successfully reached heating Tbilisi (VIDEO)

On Monday evening Siauliai “Gintra-Universitetas” team after a tiresome journey finally reached the Georgian capital Tbilisi, where will be held UEFA Women’s Champions League qualifying round where will participate Lithuanian champs.

Double flight. The trip to Tbilisi lasted more than half a day. The first flight reached the city of Kiev, and then it was time to climb three hours before the next take-off, during which Georgia was reached.

Zenatha Coleman dance. Although many team staff members and players at the Kiev airport had breakfast and just resting calmly and waiting for the time for the second flight, this tactic was not for all. Zenatha Coleman decided to hold a short solo show with the special dance moves that were typical of her. They were fascinated not only by team members, but also by accidental passengers at the Kiev airport.

Heat and monochrome nature. As soon as the aircraft left Tbilisi, the team met not only the accompanying person, but also the heat of the day and the dying, monochrome nature. At this time in the capital of Georgia the temperature ranges from 30 to 38 degrees. However, this will not be the first time that the teams will have to play in such weather conditions – a similar heat has already hit the “Gintra-Universitetas” UEFA selection contest two years ago in Poland, in the city of Konin.

The hotel is a stadium. The first good news came to the hotel when it was refreshing, air was air conditioned. All air-conditioned rooms allow you to breathe out from the heat of outside. Another nice surprise is that two of the three “Gintra-Universitetas” matches will be played in a stadium that is only a runway away from the hotel. So, watching the game may seem like a VIP lounge – in this case, your own room.

We remind, that “Gintra-Universitetas” will face first opponents in UEFA Champions league qualifying round tomorrow at 18:00 P.M. Lithuanian time – Bardejov “Partizan” from Slovakia.