Baltic league champions “Gintra-University” in Georgia coming to implement the main season goal

To repeat the success of 2014 and to come back after a two-year break among the most capable 32 women’s soccer clubs in Europe. This is how sounds the main goal of the Lithuanian champions Šiauliai “Gintra-Universitetas” team before the departure to Georgia, where the UEFA women’s championship qualifier tournament will take place on August 22-28.

Last week after a break in the restored Baltic Women’s Soccer League, the triumphant Siauliai team had already implemented one of the goals set before the season, and a difficult rally to the second towards “Gintra-Universitetas” will officially start coming Tuesday, when it comes to the first duel in the selection tournament with the Slovak champion Bardejov “Partizan “team.

Befote the first match, Rimantas Viktoravičius, the head coach of the team, emphasized the calm and temperament of the fight.

“Most importantly, girls do not get too excited and play like they can. We know our tasks, therefore, I have no doubt that if we have the right attitude and players will fight in every square centimeter we will achieve our goal”, – R. Viktoravičius briefly described the recipe for success.

Therefore “Gintra-Universitetas” club president Gintaras Radavičius talk about the importance of the first game, where the victory would give them a positive push for the rest of the tournament, while the defeat would significantly impede the goal.

“The first match is really important because defeat in them can lead to a situation where you are no longer the position holder of your own destiny. And the victory gives you much needed confidence in your own strength, the impulse to continue not to stop and beat the rest of the opponents. Of course, the victory at the first meeting does not guarantee anything, because then you need to win the second and third matches, but a good start ir half of all work”, – said the president of the club.

This summer, for various reasons, “Gintra-Universitetas” finished the team’s work later than last year, but the last supplements have delighted the club’s coaches and managers.

“The legionnaires have joined the team very successfully and quickly – they are communicative, motivated, team-motivated and aiming for a common goal. Their attitude alone shows that they have arrived here not to spend their holidays, but to work hard and make the most significant contribution to the team’s game. It is obvious that their football intellect is high and we was convinced in the Baltic League matches in Estonia, “- G. Radavičius appreciated the arrival of the newcomers.

R. Viktoravičius was also mentioned the quick integration of the newcomers and they fair work ethic.

“Both Toriana and Christina arrived immediately and found a common language with the Lithuanians and other members of the team. This is a very important factor for the team to remain as fists both on the square and beyond. When the team “joins”, each member finds out his role and knows that he is important. The fact that the legionnaires have a proper work ethic and approach to the training process is a pleasure. They are deeply committed to every instruction, they try to perform tasks in the field as precisely as possible, so there is no difficulty”, – speak coach.

Compared to last season, “Gintra-Universitetas” will host nine new faces in Georgia. Still a significant change in composition does not scare the head coach or club president.

“Although of the 18 players in the UEFA selection tournament, half of them have changed, the key players is still here. Most of the important role in the team having survived, promising young people joined, the legionnaires have changed. Perhaps looking at the changes in the protocol, there are quite a lot of changes, but the core of the team actually consists of the same players”, R. Viktoravičius did not pay attention for many changes.

“I appreciate the changes positively and would dare to say that this year we have a more versatile squaed, which offers more opportunities for the player to play. We have got an equal change in every position, so I think that the complete set of work, although not entirely smooth, has been successful. Of course, we will be able to evaluate everything only after the selection competition “, G. Radavičius spoke in spite of the outbreak of events.

The most important part of the team at this year’s “Gintra-Universitetas” team is the need for a lot of cool-blooded experience in the luggage of some of the players – the main member of the team Ana Alekperova and already for several seasons in the UEFA Champions League starting line-up playing captain Vestina Neverdauskaite, goalkeeper Greta Kaselytė and best 2016 Lithuanian football player Simona Veličkaitė.

The legionnaires of the team will have the same big role. Zenatha Coleman will compete for the second season in Champions league, Jelena Čubrilo is always dangerous in front of attacks, while American Toriana Patterson and Mexican national player Christina Murillo, will cement defense.

All squad of “Gintra-Universitetas” coming to the UEFA Women’s Championship qualifiyng round in Georgia:

Goalkeepers: Greta Kaselytė, Claudia Savickaitė.

Defenders: Vestina Neverdauskaite, Toriana Patterson, Algimantė Mikutaitė, Samanta Karasiovaitė, Lolita Žižytė.

Midfielders: Ana Alekperova, Christina Murillo, Simona Veličkaitė, Jelena Čubrilo, Liuba Gudčenko, Dovilė Gailevičiūtė, Anika Kyžaitė, Paulina Sarkanaitė.

Strikers: Zenatha Coleman, Lucija Vaitukaitytė, Paulina Potapova.

From Sunday to Monday, the team of “Gintra-Universitetas” is already leaving for Georgia. The last control matche will be played by Lithuanian champions on Thursday, where they will meet with the team of veterans from Šiauliai. We invite all fans on Thursday, 19:00 come to the stadium  and lay off the team in the main battles of this season.