Last addition of “Gintra-University” – universal Mexican national team player Ch. Murillo (interview)

Šiauliai “Gintra-Universitetas” has received the final reinforcement and completed the preparations for the upcoming UEFA Women’s Champions League qualifying tournament in Georgia, which will take place on August 22-28. The Lithuanian champions joined Christina Murillo, a 24-year-old Mexican national women’s fotball team player

A footballer has a dual nationality – Mexico and United States of America (USA). As little as four, the girl was fascinated by football and began to play it. Adult Ch. Murillo went to study at the prestigious University of Michigan and represented him in the elite United States University Women’s Football League.

A Mexican arrived in Lithuania with her first professional contract after a tiring, two-day trip. Just arrived Ch. Murillo and his team went to Estonia, where “Gintra-Universitetas” will play two Baltic women’s soccer league games.

172 cm universal player traveling to Estonia and shared his thoughts about the first impressions that motivated her to come to Lithuania, her more favorite position in the court, and also identified what kind of sport she would choose if she had to give up football.

– Christina, you’ve arrived in Lithuania tonight and have not enough time to get to know the team yet. What are the first impressions? – asked the official website of the club

– I landed in Riga at night, the director of the club met me, who was waiting for me much longer than planned, because my flight was delayed. He, and later the whole team, met me and received very warmly. I’m happy that many of the staff and teammates speak English, we can communicate freely, have no complaints, except that I am a little tired after the trip, but I only need one night to recover my strength. In Europe I am not for the first time, just two weeks ago I was in Sweden, where we played a friendly match against Sweden with the Mexican team. True, all my visits were very short, so this time will be the longest time I’ll be here. I will try to make the most of it.

– Why did you decided to accept “Gintra-Universitety” club offer?

– Before deciding to go to Lithuania, of course, this opportunity was first discussed with my parents, the agent, as well as the coach of the Mexican team, whose opinion is very important to me. He assured me that playing in a European club that compete in the UEFA Women’s Championship will be a very useful experience for me. I know that this is the prestigious European Continental tournament and everybody focuses on it. Before we arrived, we contacted the club leaders. They mentioned that the main goal is to get into the main stage of the Champions League. I will strive to contribute to this goal. All the other conditions offered by the club also met me, so it was only time to put things together and wait for the trip.

– What about our country and women’s soccer you managed to find out before arriving in Šiauliai?

– I have seen some team matches on the Internet, I saw girls playing football here, promoting a solid game. I was surprised by the results of the local Lithuanian women’s soccer championship, in which “Gintra-Universitetas” smashes its rivals with just two-digit differences. About Lithuania on the Internet I became aware of only the essential things – where it appears, what kind of language it is and so on.

– Last week team added American Toriana Patterson, who, likely could play against you in the same US Women’s Football League. Was you faced her maybe face to face?

– We already met with Toriana here in Lithuania, but we did not meet in the US matches. The main reason is our universities are at different conferences.

– You can play as defender and as midfielder. Which position did you prefer more?

– Indeed, the most important thing for me is to be useful to the team. If the coach is more needed as a defender, I enjoy playing in this position, if the coach wants to contribute more to the development of the attacks, I am glad to keep the center position. Each team has different goals, a gameplay, so I have to adapt. For example, in Mexico, the coach trusts me as a center defender, and when discussing the terms of the contact with the team of the “Gintra-Universitety”, its executives have mentioned that I will need more as a support center. If openly, I like more in this position (smiles).

– You mentioned that you are growing up in the family together with three brothers. Maybe they also play soccer and inspired you?

– Only one of them. True, he’s a goalkeeper. My dad played soccer in the past, but only amateurish. My mother is still actively interested in outdoor tennis.

-There are many other popular sports in America. What would you like to do if you do not play soccer?

– I think I’m picking outdoor tennis. My mother especially wanted me to be a tennis player. For a year, I’ve even been seriously trained, but I still decided that my passion for football is bigger.

– What strengths can you name in your game?

-One of my biggest advantages is that I play well with both legs. I also have good highlight view of the court, the ability to read the game.

-You are playing for Mexico national team already for six years, alos you was participating in 2014 World Cup in Canada. What impressions are left of this championship?

– It must be admitted that we then arrived at a very difficult group. We had to compete with England, France and Colombia. We lost all match, so if we are talking specifically about the results, nobody is happy with it. Looking from the other side, it was a wonderful, high-level event in which one of my dreams was to take a part.