“Gintra-University” adds promising defender from USA T. Patterson (interview)

Lithuanian Champion Siauliai “Gintra-Universitetas” team will strengthen its composition before the most important season battles in UEFA Women’s Champions League qualifying tournament, which will take place on August 22-28 in Georgia.

Siauliai has officially turned up with Toriana Patterson, a 23-year-old footballer from the United States of America (USA), who should become one of the key pillars of the team.

“Gintra-Universitetas” has for some time been shifting to Lithuania due to the reason that this year could not reach Laetitia Chapeh-Yimga who defended Siauliai’s honor on the international scene for the last three seasons. Last week, Zeljko Radanovič arrived in the team’s review, but the Montenegrin defender did not finish the medical examination, so it was a farewell to this footballer.

The management of “Gintra-Universitetas” were forced to look for new players, especially defenders more than just in Europe, where many capable footballers already have contracts, but also overcome the Atlantic.

T. Patterson, who has been played successful in the most strongest US university women’s football league has been spotted by the Kansas City team of the elite US women’s football league. It has called the defender to their ranks. Recently, a footballer was trying to get into the main body of this crew, but after receiving a proposal from Europe, he did not hesitate for a long time and responded to the invitation to arrive in Lithuania.

High defender admitted that the main reason to land here was the opportunity to debut in the UEFA Women’s Champions League, which is seen as one of the most prestigious tournaments in whole world.

After a long and tedious journey with several airplane connections, the player has already participated in the evening’s team training, and immediately after her, with a smile, agreed to answer several questions for the official website of the club

– Toriana, did you know anything about Lithuania before coming here?

– Speaking honestly, not much. I knew only that this country is in the North of Europe. Everything happened very quickly. The agent made a proposal to me and said that I have to make an immediate decision, because the team is already preparing for the UEFA Champions League qualifying round. After I signed the contract I search some information in the internet, found out which countries are the neighbors of Lithuania, what kind of state language is here, I reviewed the images. Most stuck in Lithuania is the beautiful, natural nature. I saw the same with my own eyes when I arrived.

– Is this your first journey to other country club?

– This is in general my first professional contract. “Gintras-Universitetas” probably will always remember me as my first step in a professional career that I hope will be a success.

– When did you start playing football at all?

– Four years old (smiles). That was all I knew and wanted. For many years I lived in New York, where I took the first steps in this sport. I traveled to Connecticut College and represented him in the strongest US Women’s Football University League. Later, I received an invitation to join the Kansas Women’s Soccer Club in the elite US Women’s Football League. Truely, I still have to prove my value, so that I can represent the main team.

– You have US and Jamaican citizenship, so you could potentially represent one of these choices. Which one do you choose?

– Of course, getting to the representative US Women’s Football Team is a daunting task. In the past, I have represented the Jamaican Youth Teams, but I have not yet been involved with any of the women’s main women’s T-shirts in one of these countries. I think I will decide when i will get invitation (smile).

– What prompted the most to come to Lithuania and start a professional career?

– The main motive was that I knew that the team was participating in the UEFA Women’s Champions League and I will be able to play here. For years, I have been following the results of this elite European football league, watching games and dreams of playing here. I am also like travel, discover new cultures, and discover new challenges. This will be a completely new experience in my life.

– Give your strength to the game?

– I am a physically strong player, I play well in the air. As a center defender, I try to communicate more, help my teammates make the right decisions. I also feel strongly with the ball, keep calm, do not panic when the opponents apply pressure.