In the lost friendly match – great performance from newcomer of Serbia (interview)

Siauliai “Gintra-University” team has played another friendly match in preparation for the UEFA Women’s Champions League qualifier, which will take place in August 22 – 28 days, in Georgia.

Lithuanian champs after strong battle 2:3 (0:2) lost against “GKS Gornik” Leczna, but in this match strong performance demonstrated “Gintra-University” newcomer from Serbia – Jelena Cubrilo, who scored both of hosts goals.

After this match Jelena agreed to answer some questions about her for official site.

– Jelena, please briefly introduce yourself to the women’s soccer fans in Lithuania.

– I am Jelena Cubrilo, from Serbia, 23 years old. I play in the left wing or in the attacking position, I have been representing the Serbian national women’s team for four years. Before that, I also had to compete with the youth of different age groups. I am here, full of energy and looking forward to new challenges (smiling).

– This is your first journey to foreign club or you have already eaten the abroad player’s bread?

– No, this is not the first time that I go out to play outside. Although I am young enough, I have already accumulated legionnaires experience. I have already played in Greece, Austria and Slovenia, so Lithuania will be my fourth step of foreign clubs. My career started in Serbia, the club, which is now known as the “Red Star”, and later moved to Subotica Spartak team with whoch I have played in UEFA Women’s Champions League.

– Could you except some strongest sides of your playing?

– I think that the ability to control the ball, see the pitch and feel teammates is my strongest part of the game. Also, I can shot the target, make good passes. I’m not a player of this style who likes to just run and hit the ball or balance off the edge. I’m used to creating a game myself, I don’t hesitate to take initiative in my hands.

– Already you have a lot of experience and participation in the UEFA Women’s Championship League. Do you have only one match that you want to watch every day?

– Atmosphere of UEFA Women’s Champions League is special. In the women’s football this competition is much shorter, there is not a long group of stages like men’s football, so I appreciate to playing there. One of the most memorable matches distinguish it would be difficult, because in past there were everything –  important victories and regrettable setbacks, but since asked to answer ironically that my most memorable meeting was before about four years in Champions league against “Gintra-University”, where I scored two goals and we won (smiling).