Bad news: one of “Gintra-University” leader T. Kozyrenko out of action for long term

Most scoring last season Lithuanian women A league championship and of one “Gintra-University” leaders Tatiana Kozyrenko fallen out from action for long term.

After further medical tests revealed that the 21-year Ukrainian needed meniscus surgery, and then they will be followed by a long period of rehabilitation. It is planned that the player will return to the lineup after about four months.

This means that the T. Kozyrenko spend not only the majority of Lithuanian women in a league championship game, preparation camps, Amber Cup tournament, but most likely, and women’s Champions League qualifier tournament.

This painful loss for managers and coaches tread new headaches. Already in the beginning of the season we will have to look for the shift, which could add attack line.

Team director Mantas Radavičius said that T. Kozyrenko loss is a blow, but stressed that the time to moan and complain not to be searched for a new player, and has a chance to occur will have a youth.

“The situation is so what are we forced her to accept. On the one hand it is a big loss, because Tatiana with us playing not the first season, we knew its potential, so we had hoped for an even greater contribution than last season, especially in the Champions League league selection tournament. On the other hand, it will be a good opportunity to show their capabilities of our younger players, which will have a chance to unfold. We can also measure and that the time to find a shift we still have enough. After all, come and such cases, when a player is injured experiencing the same the most important game of the season, and then the time has elapsed with no searches. In this case, we still have time and look for another striker and to successfully integrate into the team, the playing schemes “, – said M. Radavičius.

When asked whether the new players have already begun the search club director hinted that the alternatives are.

“We already have a few options. Our horizon is the attacker from Nigeria, which two years ago represented the Minsk club. There are also two other players that we are interested in. New players will definitely be legionnaires, make every effort to succeed as soon as possible to identify the shift, but we do not want to rush and blindly, because we have had different experiences. Moreover, the more reinforcement we needed in the Europe front, because the Lithuanian championship we have to develop their own players, which may in the future will become the main pillars of the team in the Champions league, “- said M. Radavičius.