“Gintra-University” was too strong for Belarusian champions

Although considered a favorite before the meeting in Minsk, Minsk ZFK football player has won a quick goal and already at the beginning of the match, took the lead Siauliai from Siauliai University team not affected. In contrast, the Lithuanian champions mobilized, tied the game and took the initiative in the second half, a goal, and even had a great chance to rip out a dramatic victory.

The friendly Minsk Cup 2017 tournament match ended peacefully – 1: 1 (0: 1).

From Siauliai University, the only goal from a penalty 11 graduation earned Ana Alekperov.

The match began to successfully host the tournament. Belarus champions after Šiauliai defense error forward already took 3 open match. Žaibiškas cold shower awakened from Siauliai University football player, who after a missed goal nesubyrėjo and showed strong character and gradually took control of the match. One after another happy middle provokavusios Ana Alekperov and Tatiana Kozyrenko led from patience to Belarusians. In the first five good chances to score and level the score had Simona Veličkaitė and T. Kozyrenko, but recent shots flew over the bar.

After the break Rimantas Viktoravičius carried out a number of variations – the replacement location Dovilės Gaileviciute and took Samantha’s Karasiovaitės Zenatha Coleman and hip view participating Ukrainian Kristina Jeromenko. This correction contains lent fresh impetus and as soon as the beginning of the second half, the defense began to disassemble firewalls Z. Coleman. Midway through the half, during one of the attacks was not namibietė after Minsk’s penalty area, but the referee had no doubts and he gave a 11-meter penalty. The last cold curled suffered from Siauliai University “Safety A. Alekperov and making it equal to 1: 1.

The match towards the end of great chances to score and also had a T. Kozyrenko and actively toyed Z. Coleman, but the guest’s goalkeeper played reliably. The first tournament in Belarus friendly meeting ended peacefully – 1: 1.

Tomorrow from Siauliai University, waiting for the other team “Minsk Cup 2017” match – a Lithuanian forces will try to Belarusian girls football academy auklėtinėmis. Match will be held in Lithuania in time of 17 hours.