From Minsk Lithuanian champions went without loses

While tournament organizers declared that the last match Siauliai from Siauliai University team will play with the reserve Minsk “ZFK Minsk” team, still nothing like that happened.

Most of the strongest teams of Belarus footballers played from the very first minutes of the meeting and the latter changed the review of present and leave a good impression and who tried legionnaires. However šiaulietėms as in the first match between this did not cause additional problems.

At the beginning of the match after a goal after Z. Coleman who have acquired Rimantas Viktoravičiaus auklėtinėms until the end of the match they could not save the team and once again turned in identical draw – 1: 1. (1: 0)

“Gintra-University” scores: Z. Coleman – 1.

Unlike the first match with the club in Minsk, this time in the match at the beginning of Lithuania took the lead in the championship. From a defender detached Z. Coleman nice shot hard’s goalkeeper and already 4 th minute brought the team forward – 1 to 0. The first half has a good opportunity to score the lead to double and had the same Z. Coleman, but the latter fired just blow harmlessly off the crossbar. Until the break Šiauliai retained the advantage – 1 to 0.

The second half began to ours shy forces and the availing of Belarusians, tying the score – 1: 1. While the rest of the time, with a maximum Square host anything particularly dangerous build nebepavyko and the team parted amicably – 1: 1.