A league championship starts “Gintra-University” defeated Kaunas Zalgiris

2017 women’s A league championship at the start of Siauliai from Siauliai University team immediately had a tough task – to Siauliai came strongly inclined Kaunas “Kaunas Zalgiris footballer who it was already the second round of this year’s season.

Lithuanian champions after not very successful in the second half of the match 4: 1 (1: 0) crush militant defense discarded Kaunas resistance and imprinted the first three points in the standings.

“Gintra-University” scores: Z. Coleman – 3 S. Veličkaitė – 1st

“Kaunas Zalgiris” scores: L. Vaitukaitytė (from 11 m. Penalty) – 1.

In this match wearing yellow-black T-shirt official debut from Siauliai University “newcomers – Goalkeepers Aušra Klevečkaitė, Paulina Potapova, Lolita Žižytė and Paulina Sarkanaitė.

Due to the trauma team at the meeting could help Kozyrenko Tatiana, as well as members had to engage without dew Imanalijevos and apsirgusios Anika Kyžaitės.

Kauniečio defense in this match Lithuanian champions managed to break through only after more than half an hour when diving header’s goalkeeper hard from Siauliai University striker Zenatha Coleman. In the first half more dangerous moments and create nebepavyko Šiauliai before the break Leader minimal difference – 1 to 0.

As soon as the second half started with a dual power in the field stepped onto the host began to dismantle the defense and half already beginning Simona Veličkaitė doubled the score – 2 to 0. Not long after, the “Kaunas Zalgiris dropped goal and the third goal, again marked Z. Coleman – 3: 0. After Samantha’s beautiful Karasiovaitės raid down the right wing before the guest’s goalkeeper was bred by the same Z. Coleman, who won the “hat trick” and finally ruined hopes Kaunas – 4: to 0. After the end of the match from Siauliai University team a defensive error before Aušrą Klevečkaitė ended “Zalgiris Kaunas striker Kamilė Vaičiulaitytė. The latter was suspended from the back wrongful act and the judge showed the 11-year mark. The great advantage of this opportunity Liucija Vaitukaitytė, which reduced their lead – 4: 1.

Another A league match Siauliai team will play next Sunday, April 30.