One of the team leaders Z.Coleman will continue defend “Gintra-University” honor (interview)

2016 Lithuanian Women’s Soccer League A Championship not finish yeat, but Siauliai “Gintra-University” team managed to implement one of the most important off-season challenges.

The fifteenth time in club history Lithuanian champion became “Gintra-University” for the coming season keep one of the team leader which all season demonstrated good quality of playing Zenatha Coleman.

With 23 years old forward of Namibia “Gintra” extended contract for another season.

Z.Coleman decision to stay in Lithuania team was motivated by the fact that actually “Gintra-University” was the first team which believed in its potential and make an opportunity to prove their worth abroad. A most scoring league footballer player seriously try to became better player and “Gintra” is really good place to do it. It can be nice plarform of her’s further proffesional carrier.

This fact may very well approve in 2015 season “Gintra” represented player of Côte d’Ivoire Koko Marriete Ange, which did not unnoticed in Lithuania and shaken hands with powerhouse Spanish club – Barcelona.

Z.Coleman already soon depart for her homeland, where they are eagerly waiting for the family, friends and relatives. Meanwhile, in Lithuania teammates dubbed “Zee Zee” will return after the New Year.

– Zenatha if you enjoy that before you leave home you can feel assured for the immediate future?

– Of course, I am happy. In fact, the whole season I worked very hard, I put a lot of effort and I think I deserve to receive the offer. I believe that the coming season will be even more successful, both for me personally, as well as the team.

– With “Ginrra” team you already become Lithuanian champion. What does it mean for you?

– This is my first trophy won in Europe. This is the title I will remember for a long. Although the championship we won quite easily, however, until this goal had to go deliberately and persistently working.

– At the moment you are most resultative women’s A league footballer, but there is also lining up a team Kozyrenko Tatiana. What you would choose if you faced in front of the goal – shoot itself or perform a great pass for teammate?

– (Smiling). If the situation would be good enough – i would shoot, as required by the coach. When you are taking a pass you never know what can happen. In football situations you always should make the right decisions in the right time.

 – What are your immediate plans? Perhaps you love to see family?

– The nearest plan – go back home to Namibia. Undoubtedly, my greatest desire at this time to see his household, whose very miss and I know that they are waiting for me very much. This is my first stop career abroad, so it was not easy to become accustomed to life in the service. Still, I am happy that I found myself here, where was excellent conditions to develop as a personality and as player. I can’t live long time without sport. I have to get ready for next season, so I can assure you that a will work hard in Namibia, i will join the boys soccer team and i will try to go back to Lithuania in a perfect shape.

 – After moving to Siauliai in spring you mentioned that you would like to know better city, the people and the environment, which will have to live. What can you say about these things passage of half a year?

– First of all, the time passed fairly quickly (smiling). In fact, the athlete’s life is such a mode that the body often require rest, so I admit that most of the time I spent at home. Over the last six months at the time I was gone for a walk around the city, supermarkets, containing everything you need. Siauliai – enough calm, silent city, people here are friendly, no bullying or things like that, so I can say that here is good to live.

 – During the training sessions, and in other environments you have probably often hear Lithuanian language. Maybe you learned something?

– Yes, I know that when you thanking you need to say “ačiū”, saying goodbye – “viso gero”. It is also hard to pronounce, but I understand the terms used in the Lithuanian language of football, because during practice this language heard the entire half year. I will have the opportunity to learn and so much more.

 – This year you became special not only for going play abrpad, but also by the fact that you make a debut in most powerful tournament in Europe – Women’s Champions League. Do you remember how did you feel before the first match?

  – I am pleased that, prior to the first match in the Champions League I felt very well prepared and the replacement has broken with great determination and enthusiasm. For this competinion we were preparing very responsibly and consistently, so we wanted to get as quickly as possible the moment when you are able to demonstrate everything for you shed sweat. This game in my biography imprinted as historic, because there will always be fun to remember them, especially when the team performed very successfull.

  – How do you think what was the lack of that “Gintra” did not get through to next round?

   – In the last match opponents was just better. They controlled the situation from the beginning of the meeting and we did not create anything dangerous. In certain moments there was lack of concentration. It is a shame that after two matches played ww were in the best situation, and we had a really good opportunity, which we passed, but this is football, it is only one winner.

  – What would you wish for team fans?

  – I wish to continue actively support the team, interest in its activities, track results. Most importantly that fans would be always with the team, despite of unlucks. It is in such moments really show the fans loyalty to the team. I have to come back here as better player and i will try to do all the best that fans would be satisfied with me.

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