“Gintra-University” standings neighbors broke in the second half

Referee whistle and at the end of the first half was equal – 0: 0, but it is immediately after the break Siauliai “Gintra-University” team took the lead and maintained control of the match until the end of the meeting.

Lithuanian champions in women’s football A league championship postponed 12th round match at home 5: 0 (0: 0) broke the nearest neighbors standings Kaunas “LSU-Zara” footballer players and won 15 victory and in their account now has 45 points.

Meanwhile, the fourth suffered from Kaunas failure and entering in second place with 33 points.

“Gintra-University” in fifteen games played A league championship is score already 160 goals. Of these, as many as 40 are distinguished Siauliai’s legionnaires Zenatha Coleman, which according to this indicator is sole leader of the championship.

“Gintra-University” goals scored: T.Kozyrenko and Z.Coleman 2, R.Imanalijeva – 1.

Another A league match ours will play this Sunday, September 25th, Siauliai Municipal central stadium with SSG-FA-Akmenės SC members. Beginning of the meeting – 12 hrs.