Unluck: “Gintra-University has ended performance in UEFA women’s Champions League

High hopes for the second time in club history to transcend the UEFA Women’s Champions League selection barrier which upheld Siauliai “Gintra-University” team last round 7 s selection group match Waterford arose post. Lithuanian champions 0: 3 (0: 2) had to admit rich Shymkent “BIIK-Kazygurt Club players advantage with six points left in the second group.

Both teams before the meeting had two victories and it is in this confrontation was to be decided which team will go to the main UEFA Women’s Champions League round.

The meeting began with no long-intelligence. Kazakhstan team tried as quickly as possible to score a goal and that their task was implemented shortly. Buried the ball past the ranks Kaselytę found itself in a Nigerian Charity Adule scored the first goal of the match and brought “BIIK-Kazygurt forward – 0: 1.

In 20 minute of the game yellow card was warned for Siauliai defender Laetitia Chapeh-Yimga. While for the penalty area was dangerous Šiauliai teams will have nothing special did not create. Just a few moments from Siauliai team was dealt a further blow – the injury suffered by Ana Jelenčič, replaced by the replacement of Ugnė Šmitaitė. Lithuanian champions tried to take control of the game, but physically strong Shymkent club legionnaires played aggressively and our own-it’s a little confusing. Towards the end of the half, the impressive with a fabulous shot of the course precisely its target, Alina Litvinenko doubled the lead Kazakhs – 0:2.

Immediately after the long break very dangerous moment at the gate rivals created Šiauliai. After Zenathos Coleman transmission of the penalty area after an unsecured’s goalkeeper ball looked to Tatyana Kozyrenko and went off the post. 52 open match, dangerous to our own good header of the second scorer Litvinenko, but the latter’s shot was inaccurate. Actively contested the right wing Simona Veličkaitė midway through the second half, he had a chance to disarm rivals keeper, but the latter turned in a reliable manner. From Siauliai team continues attacked and tried to make the score. The fire at the gate rivals had 77 open the match, after a sharp S.Veličkaitės transmission could possess T.Kozyrenko. Still, the confusion to make a goal was failed.

Retreat Siauliai players threw all the forces in the lead, but it did not give a tangible result. 82 open match blistering attack on organized Kazakhstan’s team make the last point in the match – marked A Georgian Gulnara Gabel and match outcome became clear. Lithuanian champions won the match score 3: 0 and retreated further from 2016 to 2017 UEFA Women’s Champions League battles.

“BIIK-Kazygurt: C.Adule ( ‘7 min.) – 1, Litvinenko (’44 min.) – 1, G.Gabelia (’82 min.) – 1.

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