DIARY III. Upcoming culmination: victory by the whistle, Lithuanian support, horror house, and (not) Kazakh challenge

Escape. The relentless struggle for every square meter, soccer turned into a real battle, nervous head coach Rimantas Viktoravičiaus glimpse and 91 -st minute of the match. Until then, everything seemed to be that way. However, when added during the match arbitron first touched the ball Tatiana Kozyrenko and sent it to make it into a network of Siauliai “Gintra-Universyti” players, coaches, staff and fans were all accumulated negative suddenly dispersed. Emotions flowed through the edges and when just entering the ball into play from the middle of the square there was a triumphant whistle and shouts of joy Lithuanian stadium. Militant “Youth” team left the pitch-flat heads, but you remember last year, it can be said that the result of all the senses become equal. Last year, Irish won the match, this time – “Gintra-University”, last year’s success was accompanied by “Youth”, this year – us.

Packed grandstands. Obviously, the defeat of the last moment of the match really saddened by all the Wexford team players and coaches. However, this team really has reason to celebrate. Although a small but cozy stadium with modest tribunes was completely packed. Match watched about four hundred passionate and actively supporting the football team fans. True, at the same time it is possible to enjoy and for us – in the stands and waved at one of the Lithuanian tricolor. The home side’s support has been very energetic and noisy, but the Irish stiffed voice it and support Lithuanian chants. Thank Lithuania Embassy of the Republic of Ireland, who shared the club’s information and encouraged Lithuania to join go to Wexford maintain Siauliai team. We hope to see the Lithuanian and in the last UEFA Women’s Champions League round of selection tournament on Sunday Waterford.

Victory Dance. Joy dances from the game shortly after the match moved into the locker room, and then near the bus. Seesaw meeting witnessed the Lithuanians decided to personally thank the players for a wonderful fight to the last second, which resulted in a lot of positive emotions which caused the victory and waited for the players to leave the bus ready. This season “Gintra-University” winning song is the modified song by the players of group “Carla’s Dreams”. The words difficult to understand, but rather a simple chorus gaps inserting the word “Gintra” it sounds really good. Along with the fans noisily conducted triumphant chorus, was immortalized in a photograph and uplifting moods went back to the hotel.

Daughter Ann. After a lot of effort, emotion and nerve cells have cost the Thursday for us team had a good chance a little respite from the football and enjoy the nature of the study tour to the nearby Wexford in exceptional items. We visited the deepest story and having the same first lighthouse built throughout Ireland, which is already more than 800 years. It offers a postcard-worthy views of the Celtic Sea. Enjoying the beautiful view and a breath of fresh breath of nature we went to the second object. Advancing to the unattractive, dull, chills causing a large house, which is probably a good match for the director prepared a horror movie scene dramatization on the gate saw early predictions confirming the inscription: “Ireland’s Most Haunted House.” This house, according to the legends are weaved strange and even tragic stories. A very professional guide of our eyes tried to paint uncomfortable house story. The latter telling a long and confusing story home among our elected and former home of the population figures. The main players in the house, the daughter of Anne role went to Simon Veličkaite, which according to the legend in this house went crazy, and they have no mercy parents kept her dark room. Our winger like her usual, easily withstood the pressure and talented tour of horror came home a stable mental state.

The last test. Sunday will be played in the last UEFA Women’s Champions League match of the tournament selection. 7 -th selection group, where competes Siauliai team intrigue remained until the last round. That it will meet after two victories in their account with Siauliai and Shymkent’s cities. In order to get to the main UEFA Women’s Champions League round of Lithuanian champions will have to go beyond the rich “BIIK-Kazygurt club from Kazakhstan barrier. With regard to abstract “Gintra-University” will have to accept the challenge of the Kazakhs, but a closer examination, one can easily notice that the main Kazakh club carriage dragged by legionnaires. Nevertheless, it is one and the same team, and the match portend to be very complex. Finish line is at hand – are left to concentrate on the remaining matche and hope for the best. We invite all nearby Lithuanians to come to Waterford city stadium (Regional Sports Centre) this Sunday 14 hours. Irish time (Lithuania timely match will take place in 16 hours.) and support Siauliai team.

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