DIARY II. Life Wexford: traditional walks “mine” field, fresh salad deficit Superman coach and wiped Moldova

Tradition. Wexford are still in the fourth day, however, already have created a beautiful, romantic tradition of command – morning walk in the Gulf coast with stunning views of the Irish Sea. Still perfect for walking to the east limbering lack of relaxation. You ask why. The answer lies every morning under our feet. We have become accustomed to overlooking the coastline dotted with stones, which  washed by the waves must enjoy in moderation, because as a minefield every time we try to avoid Wexford city residents sake, leave the pet memorabilia. We are glad that Lithuania tradition meet pet “gifts” slowly taking root, but it seems to Ireland, it has not gone through.

Food ration. Settled down by luxury apartments, of course, as befits hoped that the restaurant will see a similar counterpart food. Still, we were forced to admit that living conditions are excellent, but the power to fine some way. Buffet principle of prepared meals considerable criticism and possibly should we (the frequent lack of salt, but perhaps we Lithuanians are too accustomed to a variety of spices), but its range – criticism can be discovered easily. In general, the power does not include any fish products, no soup, dessert Irish assured darysiantis one and the same for a week – assorted fruit, but most disappointed lack of fresh salads. The impression such that weld, or even otherwise modified cucumbers, tomatoes and other salad here Wexford is a real deficit. Not wanting to appear rude, everything dissatisfied with the organizers personally asked that the buffet from time to time appear on the fresh salads. Eating breakfast on Wednesday morning pleasantly rejoice – the eggs have already been able to enjoy fresh cucumber!

Meeting room. As is already common, each UEFA Women’s Champions League team selection hotel has its own meeting room. It discuss plans for the day, video views help analyze the game and deal with a variety of other issues. Our meeting room has two distinctive features. First, that it is part of the assistant coach Tatyana Veržbickajos composition of luxury apartments overlooking the sea and the inexpressible feeling of space on the coach may feel like Mayor of Wexford. Second, the exclusive than the whole team, the chief coach Rimantas Viktoravičius the meeting room includes like Superman – through the window. We assume that the coach does so not because they fail to find entrance through the third floor, but because of the fact that walking through it being sorry that when we came into the hands of 53 th did not pick up the room key.

Team presentation ceremony. On Monday, during an official in 7 th selection of the command delivery ceremony. It participated in the gala guests – Mayor of Wexford, the UEFA delegates and other officials. Traditionally, many of them advocated public language, the home team was awarded special gifts, and then all were treated jointly supplied drinks and food and was immortalized in a photograph.

No estimate of the travel and responsible driver. According to the organizers of the match from Wexford to Waterford, where he held our first UEFA Women’s Champions League match had to drive an hour and ten minutes. According to the League regulation distance to the stadium should be such that they can cope with a maximum of one hour. We have understanding for ten minutes, do not attack the organizers for complaining. Unfortunately, the Irish a bit miscalculated. In the game we went longer than expected just ten minutes, but the return from the stadium to the hotel took almost two hours. Reason is simple – traffic congestion. However, according to organizers of the regulation should provide for such details as perhaps across Europe about 17 hours. formed “stoppers”. We had the opportunity to make, and the fact that we are carrying highly responsible and experienced driver. The latter not only the long way, like a thing autopilot function that does not exceed 80 kilometers per hour speed (road signs allowed not to exceed 100 km / h), but approached the hotel within 50 meters distance (the hotel door we have seen with your own eyes) Tunantes traffic jams did not put out bus, because according to the responsibilities set out in it we must deliver to the hotel door. Everything makes sense, just the girls have trampled on the desire to run to the toilet, after all, the trip lasted two hours without stopping! Excellent assessed the situation the driver like a real savior of the girls, however, open the door of the bus to the hotel at around 25 meters, and for the girls it was greatly appreciated.

Unpleasant debut. Moldovan champions became “ARF Criuleni” team for the first time in the history of the club took part in the UEFA Women’s Champions League. It is likely that Moldova will long remember the lightning-fast from Gintra-University attacks, while goalkeeper long dream of catching the ball’s back of the net. This game is clearly demonstrated that the team came to UEFA to ventilate the different objectives. For some, it is an opportunity to evaluate their strength at the international level, the other – a chance to break into the main round of the UEFA competitions. However, Gintra-University thanks girls for the fight ARF Criuleni team and wish the best of luck in subsequent matches!

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