R.Viktoravičius before the first UEFA qualifier match: our advantages – physical preparation and a team game

Siauliai “Gintra-University” team staying in Wexford in Ireland with the maximum concentration for the first UEFA Women’s Champions League 7 th selection panel today. They Lithuanian champions tomorrow, August 23, 16 hours. Lithuanian-time test their strength in the elite European tournament debutant Kriulenio “ARF Criuleni” team from Moldova.

One day before the arrival in Wexford “Gintra-University aims as soon as possible to adapt to the time difference and the environment, and the right attitude for the first meeting. The team held a light training session today, after which the Chief’s coach Rimantas Viktoravičius agreed to answer a few questions about the upcoming opponent.

  • Coach, or it can be said that in the first match greater influence on the outcome may be not command excellence, but psychology?
  • I think so. Psychology in the first match is one of the essential components. It is everywhere – in all the championships and competitions despite what sport it is. UEFA selection of hard we would have a whole summer, and the girl realizes that it’s time to finally square to show what is the best way. It will be difficult, but most of the players it has already experienced, so I do not think that their legs would vibrate. Not the last role and will lead to mastery – if weather conditions are favorable, I think that we can use this to your advantage and.
  • The Moldovan team to collect information was the most difficult. Does the fact that this team will have to play the first can be a detrimental factor for us?
  • This should be a key negative factor. I would say that the most important in this situation we are ourselves. Disturbing a bit is the fact that such tournaments are often unable to start successfully. I think that everything will determine the disposition. If we manage to properly turn and motivate girls to fight – everything should be fine.
  • The Moldovan women’s national football team as a coach you had to face national teams level. What you can say in general about the country’s football school?
  • I remember the matches, teams will have landed 0: 2, although the meeting was very hard and scales could be subordinated to any team side. Then we have failed. In this case, exactly how much information the Moldovan national team players represented by the ARF Criuleni “command do not, but we know that these really are. I can say that the Moldovan football is based on aggressiveness, long-ball, the fight “on the second floor.” But all that we can compensate by imposing their style of play.
  • How do you think, what are the main “Gintra-University” benefits before this game?
  • I think that one of the major advantages of our team to become physical preparation and team game. We have a lot of young, ambitious players, which still has a lot to prove. Meanwhile, Moldovan club is sure to be a football player who is already perkopusios 30 years age. I am inclined to believe that the physical body condition should be on our side and that we must take advantage of. Of course, as I have mentioned can not be forgotten and craftsmanship. We have not bad level legionnaires that are well integrated into the team and certainly will require of them that take the initiative and lead the team forward. By the way, despite the fact that rivals will be older, I think that experience is still one of our trump card. Core “Gintra-University” team for many years involved in UEFA competitions represent their countries national teams competing in auditions at various international tournaments, so I believe that it should strengthen the students’ self-confidence.
  • Last year, after the first defeats of the panel match you told us that you do not rate rivals. In order to avoid these errors for the second year in a row before the match for emotional conversation?
  • The girls have already talked – together and individually. We want her to pitch įžengtų scalps and other teams will not allow to breathe easily. We must Moldovans to squeeze into a corner, and from the very first minutes of the game to show what are the hosts.
    Please note that the first “from Siauliai match UEFA Qualifying Tournament will be held tomorrow, 23 August. Ours rival will be “ARF Criuleni” team from Moldova.

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