DIARY. A trip to Wexford: smooth departure, Laetitia surprise international language and “fallen” coach

The journey begins. 10 hours. 15 min. near Siauliai Municipality Stadium already flock “Gintra-University” team players, coaches and staff. According to the schedule already for fifteen minutes to move the bus, the driver of all will be done to the Kaunas airport from which the flight to Ireland, where better to Shannon Airport, and from his yet to got lift the bus – in order to achieve the ultimate goal of Wexford city ​​hotel and its contents will have to sacrifice another three and a half hours. All the positive mood, but anxiously awaiting the start of travel. Travel, which is long awaited, which has been consistently and intensively been preparing for all of two months, and which is still undoubtedly the most significant event this season.

Smooth. 10 hours. 30 min sports bags, suitcases and backpacks have already found their seats while the bus started moving. Another great joy – it seems that no one did not forget anything, so the pluses “calculated time is reached for a relaxing stopover coffee. Several camera flash and a few cameras immortalized travel spots left. They – only the most serious challenges awaiting enthusiastic and positive attitude faces.

Airport. Kaunas Airport achieved according to plan. The driver calls traditionally hurry to withdraw baskets as: “stand here not long.” In spite of all the artificial stress without major troubles moves her things and moves smoothly airport screening stations towards. We decided to be immortalized at the airport entrance, the amusingly journey. Then the reaction was recorded daily. Mild relaxation featuring Laetitia Chapeh-Yimga lifted his head from the mobile phone and how much environments confused asked: “Where are we? Is this the airport? Never before I haven’t seen anything like this, “- surprise at the Kaunas airport compactness meant” from Siauliai defender. Waiting for a flight, we noticed that some girls to Ireland decided to take their friends. The sport bags and bags one after another began to climb plush girls fellas. We hope that the hotel management company will take them at the same price.

The verification problem – only coach. Although frequent screening procedure is not very pleasant, takes a prolonged period of time, and knowing that the team is and the legionaries needed to be disposed, the procedure can be annoyingly boring. Of course, it is important and necessary steps in terms of security, so naturally entering a line and go through the inspection station as usual took out computers, various equipment and other metal objects. The line moves quickly enough, and all the screening history of the culmination of becoming head coach Rimantas Viktoravičiaus inspection. The pan passage check points during the coach “beeps”. It turned out that need shoes. One stockings successfully overcome this barrier trainer escaped and “warm” the guard touches. It was clear that such a spectacle girls really through eyes that are here as a coach awarded some joking replies.

International language. In Siauliai “Gintra-University” there are a lot of different nationalities players. As usual efforts to adapt to the majority, but the fact is – in order to communicate with each each and all with all important to be able to communicate in all languages, or even better one – her team call internationalist. A long-term team legionnaires Ana Alekperovas everyday communicate in Russian, but communicating with Lithuanian girls or other abroad players one sentence, uses a mixture of three languages ​​- on board heard the question, “Što nada this boy?”. Interrogative – everything is clear, you can hear the answer: “Well probably the toilet.” Basic, main words in each language trying to learn every member of the team. Even Balkan languages ​​our team stops and lands – it often communicating can hear goalkeepers coach Croatian Bosko Lucic, his compatriot Ana Jelenčič and Serb Jovan Milinković. Do not be surprised if in the future you will hear and derivative Neverdauskaitę or near Kaselytę can speak Serbian.

Weather changes. We have come to Ireland. Traditionally, travelers joyous applause thanked for the safe landing, and just got out of the plane felt cardinal changes in air – dry and sunny weather of Lithuania we changed into the wet and cool climate of Ireland. Selection tournament hosts Wexford Youth Club representative greeted by Shannon Airport and “delighted” that after three and a half hours of air travel still ahead of us at least what the bus tour. Twirl watches two hours ago, to adjust to Irish time and the bus amid Lithuanian songs left side of the road towards the hotel riding.

Hotel. After a longer than expected journey – the ultimate goal is finally reached. Faces are no longer so energetic and positive as in the morning, but the housing conditions of pleasant. Comfortable apartments having spacious corridors and stands out for its unique layout. True, the corridors, where there are no walls and whistling winds Irish evening not least as comfortable. Probably the hotel labyrinths rather enjoy the day and in the evening would rather spend time comfortably furnished rooms. Still in Wexford “Gintra-University” arrived not at recreational travel, and under favorable conditions (so far) are left to concentrate on training and match marathon.

Please note that the first “Gintra-University” match UEFA Qualifying Tournament will be held on Tuesday, August 23rd. Ours rival will be “ARF Criuleni” team from Moldova.

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