Seesaw battle Lithuanian champions had to admit “GKS Gornik” advantage

Amber Cup 2016 final match of the tournament was undoubtedly worthy of the finals. With the scoreboard and the seesaw battle defending the champion title Siauliai from Siauliai football player in the last moments of the match, let victory from their hands and Fruitful match 3: 4 (1: 1) came down łęczna “GKS Gornik team from Poland, which triumphed in the tournament.

Please note that both teams before the match was who won after a victory, because it is at this meeting was to be decided by Amber Cup 2016 tournament winner.


“Gintra-University: S.Vanagaitė, L.Vaitukaitytė and T.Kozyrenko 1.

“GKS Gornik: A.Sznurowska – 2 K.Parczewska and I.Karpinoka 1.

In the first moments of the match, more dangerous episodes to the hosts created gate guests from Poland. While rivals in just 20 minutes raised five angular, defensive rungtyniavusios Šiauliai reliably control the situation extremely dangerous moments we rounded did not create. The first half in the second half after a few consecutive accurate rendition of the shock position was derived Sonata Vanagaitė to attack rivals deflected shot and the first to the ball suskubusi Lucy Vaitukaitytė scored the first goal in this match. Unfortunately, in the last moments of the first half defensive absently sužaidusios Rimantas Viktoravičiaus schoolgirl released “GKS Gornik striker Anna Sznurowska, which sent the ball into the net – 1: 1.

Immediately after the break “from Siauliai players to pitch out for scalps, and an adherent defense would immediately bore fruit. Both Fruitful attacks amazingly Zenatha Coleman, who finished at rivals took advantage of errors by jewelery transfers, and once the goal after a hard Tatiana Kozyrenko and S.Vanagaitė – 3: 1. Once it seemed that the Lithuanian champions now quietly play the rest of the match, a Polish section began to get out of difficult situations. After a couple of minutes after the third missed goal “GKS Gornik” reduced the backlog, and after another few minutes after successfully fulfilled the standard positioning diving header tied the score – 3: 3. Draw no longer meeting from Siauliai “team since the tournament Regulation case of a draw would have been calculated on the total pocketed – missed goals ratio, which was favorable to the Polish team. To the last minutes to wrest from the hands of victory sprūstančią Šiauliai he loses the ball rivals down the side, and his lightning counterattack organized the GKS Gornik “players put the last point in this match – 3: 4.

Senior. coach Rimantas Viktoravičiaus best teams and players in the tournament recognized L.Vaitukaitytės Video comments below news and Gallery -> Video gallery section.

Tomorrow from Siauliai team travels to another pre-camp Ukmerge.