Amber Cup tournament start Gintra-University “crushed the Latvian champion

July 22 Siauliai Municipal Stadium was played the first international women’s football clubs in the tournament “Amber Cup”. Lithuanian champs “Gintra-University” football players without any problems 4: 1 (2: 0) defeated Latvian champions Riga school football team.


“Gintra-University: S.Vanagaitė – 2 T.Kozyrenko and Z.Coleman 1.

Riga Football School: E.Sprundule – 1 

The meeting started with some mutual exploration teams. The first ten minutes ahead very cautiously, although from Siauliai players who controlled the ball longer. Still later he began to emerge a clear advantage for the hosts, while the territorial lead in the first half in goal made Sonata Vanagaitė. After a missed goal Riga football school team tactics have not changed – the Latvians and continued to play a defensive counter-attack based on football. Defense who played confidently Rimantas Viktoravičiaus schoolgirl ARDE the ball to attack, and after one of the objectives of combination attacks, which included silver and gold cross from Ana Alekperovas second goal in the Latvian goal sent Zenatha Coleman.

In the second half the situation has not changed substantially from the square – the ball and continue the major part of the match, with Lithuanian champion and Riga team football player tried to destroy attacks and counterattacks. From Siauliai “players gathered in the stadium fans still gave two goals, and the Latvian team responded with one accurate shot in the event of turmoil in the penalty area, in the very end of the meeting. The final whistle of the match Arbitron Šiauliai recorded a victory in 4: 1.

Thoughts about belonged to split the chief. coach Rimantas Viktoravičius and two goals in this match-winning Striker S.Vanagaitė. Comments at the bottom of the news and video gallery.

Tomorrow Siauliai Municipal Stadium their first match in the tournament and will play łęczna “GKS Gornik team from Poland. Members 16 hours. forces tried to Riga Football School students.

Meanwhile, on Sunday Siauliai from Siauliai team for Amber Cup tournament trophy for 12 hours. fight with “GKS Gornik” eleven.