Siauliai second consecutive year will take place in international women’s football tournament of clubs “Amber Cup”

On 22 – 24 days Siauliai Municipal central stadium crowd will have an opportunity to see the highest level of women’s football struggles. UEFA Women’s Champions League qualifier preparing for Siauliai from Siauliai team international women’s football clubs in the tournament “Amber Cup test their strength with multiple champions of Latvia – Riga football school and the Polish premier league club – łęczna” GKS Gornik.

For the second year in a row from Siauliai club organized the tournament all teams will play one game after another and finds out as the winner. All meetings will be held in Siauliai Municipal central stadium and the viewers the highest level of women’s football will be able to enjoy free of charge.

Like last year, this year the tournament has agreed to participate in the most capable members of neighboring Latvia – the country’s championship favorite Riga football school, which is the same as “Gintra-University is preparing to charge the UEFA Women’s Champions League qualifier. Amber Cup tournament teams should be a wonderful dress rehearsal before the main season struggles. Meanwhile, “Gornik” club from Poland will participate in the tournament for the first time last year and will replace besivaržiusią Bobruisk “Bobruichanka” team from Belarus. Although GKS Gornik “UEFA club competitions absence, the club is gearing up for an extremely high level of Polish women’s football championship. Club leaders long spontaneously agreed to participate in Amber Cup tournament, and the age welcoming the proposal to hold a pre-championship camp in Siauliai also pleasantly surprised and came to Sun City has one week before the start of the tournament.

Amber Cup tournament schedule:

July 22. (Siauliai Municipality Central Stadium)

18:00 Siauliai from Siauliai (Lithuania) – Riga, Rigas football debt “(Latvia)

July 23. (Siauliai Municipality Central Stadium)

16:00 Riga, Rigas football debt “(Latvia) – łęczna” GKS Górnik (Poland)

July 24. (Siauliai Municipality Central Stadium)

12:00 Siauliai from Siauliai (Lithuania) – łęczna “GKS Górnik (Poland).