“Gintra-University” pre-cycle began with the awaited reinforcements (interview)

Siauliai “Gintra-University” team – new faces. The first training session on Monday, meeting in preparation for the UEFA Women’s Champions League qualifier tournaments began with the new goalkeeping coach Bosko Lucic of Croatia, and only in the morning visited the edge defender of Serbia’s Jovana Milinković.

The Lithuanian champions also joined the Swiss returned Laetitia Chapeh-Yimga that lease was lent to one of the country clubs.

The first joint evening training session conducted physical fitness coach Richard Podolsk. According to the specialist, the immediate preparation for the most important step will be to charge batteries. It is precisely for this purpose in the coming week will be held in the club camp Roja (Latvia), where Plus all seven days.

As soon as the end of the workout J.Milinkovič newcomer to the team and returned L.Chapeh-Yimga hurried to the locker room, but after a few minutes returned with a smile on his face, had remembered about an hour ago promise to speak briefly.

20 YEARS from Siauliai club legionnaires from Serbia J.Milinkovič the team was invited to strengthen the defense chain. When asked to tell more about themselves, professional career, the former team, and the first impressions of the blonde girl rushed to mention your age, and immediately thereafter, shyly smiled given a hint that pakartočiau first question.

“I Jovana Milinković, was born and raised in Serbia. Most feel while playing left defender or left parking position. During my career I contested the in Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. In the latter country, spent last season, where I represented the Maribor club. Now I hope as soon as possible to join the the new team and help to achieve the set goals, “- said in closing short presentation defender.

“I came here only today – not yet very difficult to assess the environment in which I found myself, because first of all I am focused on the direct tasks. I have the most knowledge of teammates, coaches, settle in and show what I can to the best. I have no doubt that the difficult preparation phase, but that I have experienced and I’m ready for, “- said resolutely newcomer.

When asked what led to her decision to move to from Siauliai team J.Milinkovič hesitate he said that the main reasons can be called women’s participation in the UEFA Champions League qualifier and the new, still unexperienced challenges.

“The proposal was attractive – Gintra-University” competing League selection, and also has a stable, secure the club’s name. How many had to take an interest, the team is a multiple Lithuanian Champion and has a professional approach. Before coming watched a few new team played a video on the Internet, however, a lot of them say something difficult. I think that more will understand everything already being a part of the team. It is also home to try to meet the new challenges – and the trip to this land to me is like a new career sheet “- yielding it to me closer to new teammate L.Chapeh -Yimgai said J.Milinkovič.

Meanwhile L.Chapeh-Yimga to Siauliai back the second time. True, if the first defender skaičiuotumėme arrival in Siauliai, this is already the third Once, when a player joins the UEFA tournament pass from pre-selection of Sun City’s.

“It is good to see you again, you have contrived to ask this time,” – ironically with a smile said Equatorial Guinea’s representative.

“This time you have nothing nebeklausiu, just carefully klausysiuosi”, – said cheerfully minded interlocutor.

There is also the mid-position players on African counsel seriously thought of knit his brow and began to talk about challenging career stage, which is slightly less than half caught in Switzerland.

“About five months ago, one of the Swiss championship match at the time, suffered a serious and painful injuries – torn cross knee ligaments. This was the last official matches played. At first rehabilitation was difficult psychologically – for a long time I had to spend without any physical activity, and this is me just really frustrated. This stage is simply not suffered through and then began challenging recovery period. Nevertheless, I am happy that everything went smoothly and now I can train and compete 100 percent, “- he said Laetitia hid optimism.

Speaking about the coming “from Siauliai team goals UEFA Women’s Champions League player warmly remembered and amazing retractable 2014 season. Then, together with Vestina Neverdauskaite line of defense “cementavusi” L.Chapeh-Yimga drove to despair rivals striker.

“The very first season when I came in from Siauliai” We played a team with great success, and even rewritten the history of the club – got between 16 s strongest European clubs. I remember that when we were given great people and media attention, and was left for us to enjoy it . Yet only last year to repeat something like that failed, though I can not say that the team was weaker. just, I think that sport is often the result is determined by certain details, but success has to be earned. After returning noticed not a few new faces – have changed the majority of the Legionaries, the team was supplemented and promising local players. It is also rejoiced when she saw the new goalkeepers coach B.Lučičių, whom I know from the time when I played in Poland. We perfectly agree, so much fun, that career has brought us back to one team, “- said L.Chapeh-Yimga.

From Siauliai team will train this week in Siauliai, and on July 11 – 17 will be held at the camp Roja.