Champions League selection “Gintra-University” face with Kazakh, Ireland and Moldovan clubs

Lithuanian champion Siauliai “Gintra-University” team for the second consecutive year, will compete with Wexford Youth team, but this time, unlike last year, matches will take place in Ireland and the Youth Club will be 7 th selection in the women’s Champions League group stage home owner.

In the screening group also will compete and two champions of their countries – Shymkent “BIIK-Kazygurt (Kazakhstan) and Kriulenio” ARF Criuleni (Moldova) commands.

All UEFA Women Čemponių league participating teams before the draw ceremony has been divided into four capacity baskets and knew which teams confrontation selection certainly not have, and which clubs are potential competitors.

7 th stage of the selection group:

Shymkent “BIIK-Kazygurt (Kazakhstan, 1 bag)
Siauliai “Gintra-University” (Lithuania, 2 basket)
Wexford “Youth” (Ireland, 3 basket selection phase of the hosts)
Kriulenio “ARF Criuleni (Moldova, 4 bag).

After the draw ceremony chief from Siauliai coach Rimantas Viktoravičius said that there is not worth neither enjoy, nor sorrow, but assured that the Lithuanian champions are facing a very serious challenge.

“Draw ceremony is an ordinary procedure which showed the contestants, but not winners. Sometimes spells can somewhat enjoy, sometimes they frustrated, but this time I can safely say that there is not worth neither enjoy, nor be sad, because the contestants are capable of, but still manageable . I think that this season brought together a sufficiently capable and cohesive team, so much will depend on our own – how to work, how much we show the desire and, of course, or to tame the success “, – the likely positive outcome factors enumerate coach.

Lithuanian women’s national football team manager also pointed out that the selection of the favorites of the group remains Kazakhstan club from the first spell with a basket, but in no hurry to write off and the UEFA Women’s Champions league debiutuosiančios Moldovan team.

“Although I do not like teams divided into favorites or outsiders, because every match is a new story, one has to admit that Kazakhstan club has the highest top football class experience. For the last two seasons,” BIIK-Kazygurt ‘selection did not even participate because the tournament started immediately from the main women’s champion league stage. Legionaries in the United States of America (USA), Mexico, Serbia, Norway and other forces soccer countries with Kazakhstan club last year šešioliktfinalyje landed in Barcelona’s women’s football team, but the house was able to play a draw. So, it is obvious that this team is really capable of, although it can be said that it is partly dependent on and collected legionnaires capacity, injured, and other internal factors, “- evaluating the Kazakhstan champion coach said.

“Do not forget that the selection group vying not two, but four teams. The last year we painfully demonstrated the same Wexford team, which was then a tournament debutante us defeated. If the” Youth team has already met and know what is it we can expect this Moldovan club can provide surprises and become the group “black” horse. They also will debut in the UEFA selection and certainly will try the debut of the senses with memories. not to underestimate than one opponent, because more than once we have received the painful lessons. Now, when there is no any uncertainties – we know which country to play with what opponents, it remains to work hard and patiently wait for the start of the tournament selection “, – said R.Viktoravičius.

UEFA tournament selection stage in Ireland, Wexford town will take place August 23 – 28 days.