“Gintra-University” triumphed in Women’s Cup finals

On June 19, the Lithuanian Football Federation (LFF) stadium in Vilnius was a long-awaited Women’s Cup final. Lithuanian champions Siauliai “Gintra-University” footballer stadium gathered audience and match stebėjusiems directly through the Web TV gave a true fiesta of goals.

Powerfully match started Šiauliai 10: 0 (7: 0) smashed Kaunas “LSU-Zara eleven and raised above their heads defended the title winners.

“Gintra-University” in these matches forward already took the first match – Kaunas penalty area took advantage of the chaos Tatiana Kozyrenko – 1 to 0. After a further ten minutes goals poured out like a horn of plenty – a precise diving header’s goalkeeper with a hard Rasa Imanalijeva, after two minutes of the third goal, “pin” Zenatha Coleman and intrigue in this match was buried in the first scorer T.Kozyrenko – 4: to 0.

Šiauliai second half and continued to dominate the square, while rivals had nothing against the build. The final match referee whistle recorded a convincing “from Siauliai victory – 10: 0

“Gintra-University” goals scored: T.Kozyrenko – 3 Z.Coleman and R.Imanalijeva after – 2 S.Veličkaitė, K.Zabolotnaja and S.Vanagaitė 1.

Commenting on the meeting, the chief coach Rimantas Viktoravičius said that to win trophies is always more fun to win than the regular championship game, but the coach admitted that the rivals had expected a more serious resistance.

“After the last match with the LSU-Žaros team championship, which for us was going fiddly I expected that something like that can wait for today, so I warned the inmates of that will not be easy, especially since the Cup final everything is being solved in one match and a chance to mend here no longer serve. our main task was to as quickly as possible to score goals and get rid of stress, which imposes itself on our shoulders, if you open the score account of failure for a longer period of time. of course, we are pleased that we have managed to defend the champion title and a short vacation leave elated “, – he summarized the coach.

“Gintra-University” go short holiday until July 4 days. Then the cycle will begin intense preparations for the UEFA Women’s Champions League qualifier tournaments.